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Animal Testing Live Demonstration

Fighting Animal Testing, Lush & Jaqueline Traide

25th April 2012

Performance artist Jaqueline Traide was subject to the tests on non-human animals the cosmetics industry do prior to selling their products to humans. These tests on Traide were performed in the window display of a major Lush store, Lush being a cosmetics company that sells cruelty-free products and champions the cause. The performed testing was administered by an actor dressed as scientists, with actions such as smearing chemicals into Traid's eyes and forcing her to ingest cosmetic products. This performance captured the public's attention, with shocked and concern reactions. By placing the human body in the non-human space the audience was exposed to the treatment sentient beings were forced into, and the pain and suffering that came with these tests. The human and non-human bridge was built to transpose the suffering into a human understanding, in the hope that audience members will empathise enough to actively boycott non-cruelty-free products and promote cruelty free products.


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