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Ben Hunt

I am a performance artist and animal rights activist based in the United Kingdom. I'm currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at De Montfort University Leicester, UK. My research explores performing arts in the animal rights movement, with a focus on trauma.


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This website is a documentation and archiving of performing arts practices in the animal rights movement.


It looks to highlight and scrutinize the use of performance in activism; how it is effective and how it can be utilised further to achieve the movement's goals.

This is a working archive, therefore if you know of any performative activism not documented here, please do contact us.

Free Range Poultry Farm

The archive distinguishes animal rights as performances that highlight non-human animals' agency for life and/or is abolitionist in messaging. The nuances between welfare and rights can intertwine, the archive strives to avoid explicitly welfare performances as much as possible, and is open for feedback on this.

Please note that some performances may be linked with an organisation, but are not exclusive to that group. For example supermarket funerals are held by many groups. Organisations affiliated with performances are done so on accessible exposure at the time of archiving. Feedback on these choices will be warmly welcomed.

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