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Rabbit Memorial

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

18th December 2015

In a demonstration against the fashion industry using rabbit fur in their clothing, particularly The Kooples stores, activists from PETA set up a small memorial in front of the flagship store in London, UK. With a book to write messages of grief, as well as flowers and images of rabbits, the vigil encouraged a reflective interaction from passers-by. By focusing one one store and company, this pressure campaign looked to shame The Kooples into stop using rabbit fur in their clothing. The vigil had the opportunity to impact potential customers, and damage their consumer image, in turn having an negative effect on sales. By focusing on rabbits, PETA bridged a gap between the well loved and popular pet and the farmed and abused, with the potential to cause outrage and disgust from those who feel averse of being cruel towards 'domesticated' animals such as rabbits.


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