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Monkey in Cargo

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)

7th October 2015

A prop travel crate was placed in a busy square in Berlin by PETA, where they filmed passers-by interactions and reactions to the prop. Monkey sounds were amplified from within the crate, from a recording, with slight movements of the crate, giving the impression to the public that a monkey was in the crate. Passers-by reacted with curiosity and concern. Outreach activists were on hand to talk about why this performative activism was used: to bring attention and petition plane company Air France to stop live shipping of monkeys to laboratories for experiments. This exclusively focused campaign was part of a larger tactic to cut off support for laboratories who use non-human animals for experiments. By bringing the illusion of the monkey into a public space, it exposes and act usually kept secret by the industries involved. Yet with an educated and moved public, Air France could be implicated financially with bad press and a drop in commercial sales, unless the react to the demand to stop live transportation of monkeys.


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