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Badverts (Parody Adverts)

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Ben Hunt

Swine Flu Beer Advert

16th November 2021

This video sketch parodies contemporary 'artisan' beer companies, drawing on aesthetically similarities of brewery and factory farm buildings. The relaxed tone contrasts with the footage of pigs crammed together, and the messaging of an impending, highly infectious and fatal swine flu strain. The advert is positioned in the context of the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, promising an even more disruptive disease already present in factory farms around the world.

Ethical Dairy Advert

26th October 2021

This video sketch parodies "high welfare" and "ethical" product adverts for animal products. Consent Creams ensures it's ethical standards by asking the cows for consent when sing them. This comments on the lack of symbiotic relationship that "ethical" farmers usually preach to their consumers, also ridivuling the consumer excuse of "only buying local, organic, ethical animal products". The emphasis on consent also ties to the importance of consent used between human, yet negated when invasive and violent acts are done upon non-human animals. The advertised website link leads to challenge 22: try vegan for a month support site.


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