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Teddy Bear Tackles the Trauma of Animal Tests

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 24th October 2018

PETA uses the imagery of a teddy bear to illustrate the reality and cruelty behind animal testing. In the video a girl's lost companion teddy bear is found on the street and taken to a laboratory. The teddy bear is exposed to vivisection, invasive injections and other practices. Because of the teddy bears non-sentience the actions of the animal testing, surpass graphic imagery, yet hold resonance with the audiences imagination transported to a non-human sentient subject. The innocence and relation to childhood the soft toy possess points to the innocence of both the non-human animal where this is their reality, and the idea at childhood where animals are to celebrated and loved. Appealing to our inner child, the video draw outrage and sadness from the audience, in the hope to embolden them to take action against animal testing.



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