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Cube of Truth

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Established 2016 (Ongoing Campaign)

The Cube of Truth is a performative form of street outreach, with groups located worldwide. Activists form human squares holding up-to-date slaughterhouse and factory farm footage, and signs saying 'Truth'. The activists wear masks to embody the symbol of popular hacktivists Anonymous. The cubes strive to be as uniform as possible with activists wearing black and standing a certain way. The performance aims to entice passing members of the public to stop and consider the footage. There are unmasked outreachers outside the cube to engage in conversation with. The aim is for the passer-by to consider, and even commit, to transitioning to veganism, via support and resources provided by the activists - with emphasis on Challenge22 - a 22 day vegan challenge for those wanting to try veganism.


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