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Casa de Carne

Last Chance for Animals

12th February 2019

Animal rights organisation Last Chance for Animals created a dark comedy sketch to highlight cognitive distance between the animal products consumes and the act of slaughtering the animal to create that product. The sketch begins as a regular dinner out with friends. The restaurant is framed as unique and boutique that emphasises the 'eating experience'. When the main character orders the ribs, he's guided to a back room, given a knife, and locked in the room with a live pig. He has moments of connection, and hesitates to kill the pig. That's when staff enter and kill the pig themselves, serving him the completed meal in front of him back in the restaurant. This confrontation of ethics and desire to taste s carried by this actor, by the end his in shock, and sees his friends, eating animal products, as heartless individuals. Bringing the animal body into the same space as the human consumer causes a friction where death is seen as unnecessary and cruel. The sketch also highlights that the action of buying and consuming animal products also contributes to the death of the individual animals those products originated.


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